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Magnum Results for Today, Latest Magnum 4D Live Results

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Magnum 4D
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Live Transaction
Member Type Amount (RM) Date/Time
J******71 Transfer into Jili 9 5 Feb 2023 8:49AM
J******71 Top Up 30 5 Feb 2023 8:49AM
b**oo 4D Bet 70 5 Feb 2023 8:47AM
b**oo 4D Bet 50 5 Feb 2023 8:44AM
a*******ct 4D Bet 267 5 Feb 2023 8:44AM
b**oo Top Up 120 5 Feb 2023 8:40AM
A***yy 4D Bet 22 5 Feb 2023 8:38AM
n****0m Transfer out from Spade Gaming 693 5 Feb 2023 8:37AM
t******qk Withdraw 977 5 Feb 2023 8:34AM
j*****ta Withdraw 507 5 Feb 2023 8:30AM

Buy Magnum 4D Online in Malaysia

Are you trying to find info on how to buy Magnum 4D online in Malaysia? In this area, we will cover a few of the possible alternatives offered when it involves online 4D wagering in Malaysia.

It is necessary that you read this article if you wish to discover brand-new 4D possibilities offered on the internet. Here, we'll walk through how to acquire 4D tickets using your smart device, which will be covered in additional information later in this article.

You do not require to go to a physical lottery game facility in order to take part. There are several money rewards up for grabs, and you may participate from any location you want (as long as you have a web connection).

Check out the GD4D website and you will be able to purchase any Magnum 4D number you like, increasing your chances of winning. You may pick from a variety of different 4D lottery game businesses, including Magnum, Sports Toto, Cash Sweep, Da Ma Cai, Sabah Lottery, and STC 4D, to name a few.

Online Magnum Betting

Are you interested in learning how to participate in the 4D Classic or other lotto options? Please continue checking out.


Pick any three-digit number starting with 000 and ending with 999. The payments are based upon the last 3 digits of the 1st, second, and 3rd prizes picked from the 3D 1st+ draws, which are the first, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, respectively.

Traditional 4D

Choose any four-digit number beginning with 0000 and ending with 9999. If the 4D number you picked matches one or more 4-digit numbers selected by the operator throughout the drawing, you will receive a reward.


Now is the time to buy Magnum lottery online in Malaysia.

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